misha ep

by Bitch Boys

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released December 27, 2014

metallica, my dog misha, elysia



all rights reserved


bitch boys Phoenix, Arizona

3 dudes playing surf in the desert
brengerz - drums
tanner - guitar
griffin - vocals

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Track Name: Dastardly
the sun still hasn't risen
i believe it's due any day
i'm molting my old skin to hold in all my
dastardly ways
seeing shapes where
i'd like to just see me
i've been staring at this old blank television screen
count your blessings
drink your sherry
worry endlessly about getting buried

my legs feel heavy
& I'm feeling cold
my head is hollow
& I'm growing old
my throat is dry
but my soul hasn't died
at least I have that my lips
don't crack
i'm staring through these endless
i'm waking up in unfamiliar places
my eyes are heavy
& I'm getting slow
my bones are hollow
unless you count the snow

*Instrumental then repeat*

teeth falling to my feet
the people heard
god doesn't need his sheep
i'm slipping
the grounds disappearing beneath me
Track Name: Desert Haze
don't tell me that you don't drink water
don't tell me that you hate your father
x 4
desert haze burns my eyes
smog melts my insides
we're all rotting in the valley of the Sun
don't visit
don't call
don't speak
don't end it all
desert haze burns my eyes
smog melts my insides
Track Name: Sand in my Sheets
sand in my Sheets
lips with teeth
shaper than me
& I can't believe
this is who I turned out to be

now all I see-
sand in my Sheets
bare feet
forever unclean
them & me
we're meant to be
but how am I supposed to sleep
with it rubbing against me
strip my bed
shake out the sheets
crawl back in
tuck yourself in
& go to slee-ep
Track Name: Misha
hey you
lets go to your place
and let me see
how cute your dogs

hey you
i would love you
if you let me
walk those puppies

hours and hours
pulling leashes
looking for heaven
in your neighborhood

come on, girl
lets make this work out
don't let your dad know
that we're going out

lets get a hotel
forget the summer
and take this puppy
on a walk forever
Track Name: Spider Rings
spider rings on halloween
parallel trees are mocking me
orange & black
are coming back
i'd always felt you
haunting me

sharpen your teeth
while your mother sleeps
casts on my bones from hearing you speak
id never lost sleep till it was stolen from me
ive never been the change I wanted to see

*ohs n shit*

i don't believe in ghosts
i don't believe in the silence of the snow
i don't believe there's anywhere left for us to go
running my fingers down your
i wasn't surprised at what
I couldn't find